Maryland My Maryland t-shirt/hoodie reprint

I had a great Kickstarter run with these t-shirts and hoodies!  They are all sold out, but people keep asking me if there are more.

(Please stay tuned for better photos of the actual t-shirt and hoodie from the first run taken with my spiffy new camera.  Note that compared to the mockup below, the actual design was/will be printed in colors true to the Maryland flag, with a slightly deeper red, and a more golden yellow, which you can kind of see in the mediocre snapshot above.)

I’m planning to order a new batch sometime in the next few weeks.  This time, I will not be doing a Kickstarter, or a pre-order only process… I will get a general stock that will be available until they’re gone, and they will also be available through the Gift Cellar in Baltimore.

HOWEVER, if you’d like to pre-order a shirt or hoodie to guarantee that you get one in the size you want, you are welcome to!  You can drop me a line at to arrange to make payment via Paypal, check, or cash (if you want to drop it off with me in Parkville, MD).  If you pre-pay for an order, your shirts will be held for you when the order comes in, and won’t be sold to anyone else (even if you aren’t speedy in picking up the shirts.)

If you’d like to informally pre-order, but not pay right now, you may do that too.  That means that when the shirts come in, I’ll give you a week or so to pick up/pay for what you reserved, but if you choose not to buy at that time or don’t follow up in a timely manner, I won’t be able to hold them for you, and they may get sold off elsewhere.

About the T-shirts:

The design will be printed using a discharge screen printing process on black Gildan “SoftStyle” 100% cotton 4.5 oz weight t-shirts.  They are very soft and have a nice drape to them.  The printing will be done by Vacord printing, whom I have worked with successfully many times before.  The design will be on the front of the shirt.  Shirts will be available in unisex and women’s styles. Please note that the women’s style is a “juniors” cut shirt, and the sizes tend to run small.

Shirts will cost $20. (+ $5 shipping, if you’d like it shipped to you)


About the Hoodies:

The base hoodie will be a black American Apparel 100% cotton 7.2 oz unisex zip front hoodie.  The design will be on the BACK of the hoodie, printed at the same size as the design on the shirts.  People have been wildly enthusiastic about the hoodies purchased in the first run!  They are fabulous!

Hoodies will cost $40. (+$5 shipping, if you’d like it shipped to you)


Charles Darwin shirts too?

I MAY also be reprinting my Charles Darwin t-shirts, as I get occasional inquiries about them, but I am not sure if there is enough demand for them right now.  If you’re thinking to yourself  “heck yeah, I’d buy a Darwin shirt!” please drop me a line to help me make up my mind!