How to Order

A portrait painting or drawing is a wonderful way to celebrate or commemorate the special moments and people in your life, or to give a gift that will be a treasured heirloom. Transform your family snap shots into works of art!

I am available to create portraits of infants, children, adults, dogs, cats, horses and animals of all kinds, as well as homes, vehicles, and boats. Portraits are created based on your provided photographs.  Work based on custom reference photos shot by the artist, or portraits painted from life at the artist’s studio or client’s home, are available to clients in the Maryland/DC region, or to those who are willing to sponsor travel costs.

To begin discussing your commission, please e-mail the reference photo(s) of your choice or your ideas/questions to me at The best reference photos are medium to high resolution, in clear focus, taken without a flash. I will do my best to work with the photo of your choice, but I may need to reject reference photos that are too small or unclear. I can also combine separate reference photos of different people or pets into one painting. For an extra fee, I can also shoot custom reference photos for you if you’re in the Maryland area.

Note: By sending me a reference photo to work from, you are granting me permission to create a derivative work based on it. In the case of a photo taken by a professional photographer, you are responsible for obtaining permission from your photographer to use the photograph in this manner. Resulting artwork may be displayed in my portfolio or used for promotional purposes unless requested otherwise. Feel free to use your commissioned portrait for any personal purpose, but you may not use it commercially without my permission. If you display it on your personal Facebook page or non-commercial website, please include a link to below it.

A 50% deposit is required to begin work. I accept payment via Paypal, check, or money order sent directly to the artist, or I can create a custom Etsy listing for you to purchase if you prefer. The balance is due upon digital preview of your finished piece. Your original portrait will be shipped once it is paid in full.

Shipping fees are approximately $5-$20 depending on size and number of portraits being shipped. I am happy to ship internationally. I am not responsible for any additional customs fees that may apply to international packages, and tracking/insurance may not be available for international packages. Domestic shipping fees include priority mail, delivery confirmation, and insurance.

Please allow 2 weeks-1 month for completion of your portrait during most of the year. If you need your portrait by a particular date, let me know, and I will do my best to meet your deadline.  Rush fees may apply for tight deadlines. December 1 is the final deadline for portraits needed by Christmas, and January 20 is the final deadline for portraits needed by Valentine’s Day. Please allow more time for illustrated portraits or special requests.

You will have the opportunity to approve and request revisions to a preliminary drawing for all portrait options except for the “quick pet marker drawings.” “Quick” drawings are a bargain one-shot process with no revision stage.



9” x 12”- $280 (Maximum 2 subjects)

10” x 14”- $360 (Maximum 3 subjects)

12” x 16”- $500 (Maximum 4 subjects)

15″ x 22″- $860

18” x 24”- $1100

22″ x 30″- $1700

These prices are a general guideline. Special requests may be priced differently, to be discussed before a deposit is made. Custom sizes are also available.

See more samples of watercolor portraits here and here.



9” x 12”- $140 (Maximum 2 subjects)

10” x 14”- $180 (Maximum 3 subjects)

14” x 17”- $250 (Maximum 4 subjects)

19” x 24”- $550

These prices are a general guideline. Special requests may be priced differently, to be discussed before a deposit is made. Custom sizes are also available.


Quick Pet Marker Drawing:

This is a special bargain portrait drawing! It is being offered for pet/animal subjects ONLY at this time. It includes no revision stage. These drawings are done in a fun, energetic combination of pen, marker, and sometimes colored pencil.

6” x 9”- $80 (Maximum 2 subjects)


Illustrative Portrait:

Not just for art directors! I will work with you to create a special portrait including conceptual elements that will tell a story or illustrate your favorite things. These make excellent unique wedding portraits.  You can also commission an illustrative portrait of your favorite historical figure or fictional character. For example, a client had me create a portrait of Florence Nightingale as a gift for someone graduating nursing school.

Please inquire for pricing.



I can create professional quality inkjet prints of your commissioned work if you need extra copies for gift giving. You may also order prints of any of the images in my illustration portfolio (Please contact me to place an order, or see what I have in stock in my Etsy shop).

Standard print prices for signed fine art prints of portfolio images:

Mini: 4″ x 6″- $5, or 4/$17 (glossy only)
Small: 8.5″ x 11″- $15, or 4/$40 (glossy or matte finish)
Large: 11″ x 17″- $30, or 4/$100 (glossy only)
Jumbo: 13″ x 19″- $40, or 4/$140 (glossy or matte finish)

Discounted print prices for extra copies of commissioned work:

Mini: 4″ x 6″- $2.50 (glossy only)
Small: 8.5″ x 11″- $5 (glossy or matte finish)
Large: 11″ x 17″- $20 (glossy only)
Jumbo: 13″ x 19″- $30 (glossy or matte finish)



I do not provide framing services at this time. Please support your local independent framer!

All original artwork on paper should be framed with a mat or spacers- glass pressed directly against original artwork may damage it over time. Choosing an acid-free mat and backing board and UV filtering glass or plexiglass is also a great way to preserve your original artwork for generations to come.

For clients in the Baltimore, MD area I recommend TruAx Custom Frames (Northeast Baltimore) and Still Life Gallery (Ellicott City).

For clients in the Annapolis/Anne Arundel County, MD area I recommend The Framer’s Vise Gallery.

If you want to go “DIY,” but still have access to professional quality acid-free/archival materials and UV filtering glazing options, check out Frame Destination online.